adjusted earnings

gains rajustés (2e)

English-French insurance dictionary. 2013.

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  • Price-To-Innovation-Adjusted Earnings — A variation of the price to earnings ratio (P/E ratio) that takes a company s level of spending on research and development (R D) into account. It is calculated by adding any expenditure on R D back to earnings and then calculating the P/E ratio… …   Investment dictionary

  • Earnings yield — is the quotient of earnings per share divided by the share price. It is the reciprocal of the P/E ratio the E/P or the EPS.The earnings yield is quoted as a percentage, allowing an easy comparison to going bond rates.ApplicationsThe earnings… …   Wikipedia

  • earnings per share — (EPS) The net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders divided by weighted average number of ordinary shares in issue. A fully diluted EPS calculation means that the figure is adjusted to take account of shares that will be issued under… …   Law dictionary

  • Earnings growth — In investments, earnings growth refers to the annual rate of growth of earnings. When the dividend payout ratio is same, the dividend growth rate is equal to the earnings growth rate.Earnings growth rate is a key value that is needed when the DCF …   Wikipedia

  • Adjusted Net Asset Method — A business valuation procedure used in acquisition accounting that changes the stated values of a company s assets and liabilities to reflect its current fair market values. This accounting technique adjusts asset and liability values either up… …   Investment dictionary

  • Adjusted Surplus — The surplus (assets minus liabilities) of an insurance company that differs from the company s statutory surplus due to adjustments. It is calculated by taking the statutory surplus plus the Interest Maintenance Reserve and Asset Valuation… …   Investment dictionary

  • normalized earnings — earnings that have been adjusted in order to take into account the effect of cycles in the economy. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary …   Financial and business terms

  • Indexed Earnings — A worker s past wages that have been adjusted for changes in the overall wage level in the economy. Indexed earnings are generally used in computing pension type benefits. Since wage levels generally rise over time, a worker s earnings in the… …   Investment dictionary

  • Normalized Earnings — 1. Earnings adjusted for cyclical ups and downs in the economy. 2. On the balance sheet, earnings adjusted to remove unusual or one time influences. An example would be removing a land sale in which a large capital gain was realized. Normalized… …   Investment dictionary

  • Average Indexed Monthly Earnings — The Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (AIME) is used in the United States Social Security system to calculate the Primary Insurance Amount which decides the value of benefits paid under Title II of the Social Security Act under the 1978 New Start… …   Wikipedia

  • Diluted Earnings Per Share — (diluted EPS) is a company s earnings per share (EPS) calculated using fully diluted shares outstanding (i.e. including the impact of stock option grants and convertible bonds). Diluted EPS indicates a worst case scenario, one in which everyone… …   Wikipedia

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